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(I am facing a problem in WordPress and I do not know the reason, such as some pages such as templates and plugins not working, knowing that I tried WordPress files on a local server and the problem did not appear with me, so I think that the problem is in the hosting and I hope you can help me and thank you.)

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(Here are pictures of some of the problems that happen to me.)

On my site (hosted by you):
(17-4-2022-41641-droosi-ga hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB)

in the local server (localhost):

Did you try the default theme?
Some themes/plugins are too resource intensive to be used on IF

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I see you’re using Cloudflare and WordPress. Please note that WordPress doesn’t work well with Cloudflare Flexible SSL out of the box, and you should NEVER use the “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” functionality because it causes a lot of weird issues like this.

Instead, you should either:

  • Get a Self Signed SSL certificate from the Free SSL Certificates system in our client area for your domain, install it, and enable “Full” SSL mode in Cloudflare.
  • Keep using Flexible SSL in Cloudflare, but disable Automatic HTTPS Rewrites and install the “Really Simple SSL” extension to help WordPress use HTTPS URLs correctly.

I did as I said but there is no point in it but I deleted cloudflare completely and my site returned to normal but I need cloudflare for some useful applications and to speed up my site and add SSL can you explain to me in a detailed way and every step with its seed .



Thank you, you succeeded with me this way but there is only one problem left which is the files when you enter them with a link http does not convert to https

Generally it isn’t a problem if your CSS files don’t redirect to HTTPS, because there isn’t any sensitive content being transmitted.

But if you enable “Always Use HTTPS” in Cloudflare, or enable the “.htaccess 301 redirect” option, all URLs to all files on your site will be redirected to HTTPS.

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