My website is not opening

Just check back in a minute.
May be you are upgrading WordPress version, changing theme or using a plugin that blocked traffic?

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If there is one, remove the .maintenance file from your htdocs folder with the File Manager.


Yes i changed my theme, and upgrading wordpress version. But i lose wordfence plugin. It’s not installing now. Any solution.

If you lost any plugins, install it again.
I think after upgrading WordPress, your site will return.

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Installation failed: Destination folder already exists. When i try to install wordfence plugin.

try uninstalling the plugins if you cant locate your plugin and delete it via ftp .that should worked


I deleted wordfence folder, wordfence.php in htdocs. plugin installation failed.

u may refer here https://www.wordfence.com/help/advanced/remove-or-reset/

How can i find .maintenance in htdocs. It’s not appearing.

Try to download the zip file and upload in plugin folder of your wordpress in your online file manager

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Not Zip file itself. You’ve to extract your zip file. Then upload them into plugins folder while FTP client like FileZilla.