Workaround for Unable to set nameservers - DNS query refused

I found topics about how some domains can not be added to Infinity’s (and other providers’) storage because of a regcheck error and I have read this documentation

DNS Query Refused

However my domain provider said that for this to work I have to leave the domain’s default name servers and set up things in the domain’s DNS settings where we can change CNAME, TXT and stuff. Although he can’t say what change or set up is needed because for that I have to ask web storage provider.

So this is the reason I am here for. I came across the same nameserver regcheck error with .hu domain and my question is that what should I change or add to my domain’s DNS to make his work?

This is the most frustrating thing I’ve ever acrossed in web developement. I know this error is “just hungarian things” but someone really should figure a solution out because this devil’s circle is pathetic.

It’s 2021, every aspect of technology is developing fast and I can’t add a single domain to a provider I want to…

In the link above it sais:

Alternative domain verification methods may be added in the future.

Any news about that? I am really looking forward to see some solution.

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you and sorry for my tone. It’s just outrageous.

If you’ve already seen the article, I would like to stress this point:

If the nameserver check is enforced by the domain registry (the company responsible for the operation of the domain extension), it’s not possible to circumvent this. This means it’s not possible to host such domains on InfinityFree.

Emphasis added. Adding custom DNS records to a third party nameserver won’t help you because you would still need to add the domain name to a hosting account. And to do that, you need to change the nameservers first.

I’m sorry, but no.

You make a valid point and I do agree that this should not be happening.

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