/wp-admin isnt working

Hello, i have installed cloudflare in this domain and now /wp-admin is not working but home page is working?
any help please

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That is correct, it goes to an endless redirect loop. You could try putting $_SERVER["HTTPS"] = "on"; in your wp-config.php file if you are using Really Simple SSL.

Is your site pirated movies? Please read the TOS #10:

Please correct me if I am wrong!


im not using Really Simple SSL, im using cloudflare…

i tried your method, but still its not working …
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  • wp-admin isnt working

I know a way
Install Free SSL
Reinstall Wordpress

Do not reinstall WP.

Instead, temperarily load your site using HTTP, than add the plugin “Really Simple SSL” to your site. After you set the plugin up, everything should work fine.

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