Wp Automatic plugin not working

I can only help you with hosting issues. So far all we know is that the cron job isn’t working. But there is no indication as to whether the cron job is being called successfully or not, and whether the script works at all or not.

So, if you want our help, can you please answer the questions we ask you?


I not know much about cron job.
Wp plugin run automatic. But in my case I need to load this and refresh the link every time this link refresh new post is created and posted on my website

I just added the cron job to your account and it seems to be working. I don’t know what you did or why it doesn’t work.


ok thanks
I will check

Thank you admin Its working
Thank you very much
after every 5 minutes a new post is created :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

Admin You added the cron job which result in account suspension
Please help

@HaydenANG Already mentioned it:

Yes but admin set the cron job

Forget that Sorry

i will take care next time

I set the cron job, yes. But I set the cron job to the URL your specified, which runs the code you set up on that URL. If that code so happens to be using a lot of CPU power to do it’s work, you may hit the CPU usage limits.

Looking at your original post, it does seem I was a bit careless in setting the timer of your cron job, which I set to once every 5 minutes instead of once every hour. Changing the timing may help there.


Then help me in setting the cron job. Or set the cron job for me which not cross the cpu limit.

That’s such an impossible thing, because reaching each page will use CPU power, regardless of whatever it’s through server(cronjob) or human(browser)


Then what i do?

Maybe just add the cron job again, but set it to run less frequently?


Please set this for me.
I cant understand how it works.

I see you already have an active cron job. Is this one working as you would like?

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Yes the first one is also working
but as you said

I don’t know how to set less run frequency in cron job.

Can you set cron job which is run less frequently ?

You already set one which runs less frequently, and your account hasn’t hit the CPU limits again. So what exactly do you want to change?

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I just don’t want to hit cpu limit and get suspended.

If I set cron job run less frequently and don’t hit cpu limit then I don’t have any problem.

Thanks admin for HELP. :slightly_smiling_face: