WP automatic plugin not working

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WP Automatic plugin campaign not working.

Can you please add a cron job for my website I need to add 20 posts every day. for every category

I hope you resolve my issue asap.
Ankit Javiya

Please upgrade to premium hosting. What you need will not work here


I install WordPress automatic plugin. in my website.

but the automatic campaign is not working. So Can you help me for this.

Like I said


Ok, You mean in free plan automatic campaign does not work. Do I need to purchase a premium plan?

Yeah right. Cuz free hosting is just too much for a plugin that uses sooo much server resourcs.

WP automatic plugin will not work well on free hosting. Even if you manage to get it to work, I forsee your website will be frequently suspended due to CPU and IO limits

Ok, got it.


No thanks, I’ll manage it from my side.

Take note nulled scripts are not allowed on free hosting

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