WP issue

**My website URL is:**http://erkanumut.epizy.com/

**What I’m seeing is:**Just a default template

**I’m using this software:**FTP Client /FileZilla)

Additional information:
Hi there,
I had a paid hosting created with Wordpress.
Now, I want to migrate that to your servers. So, I imported all my WP files into my local drive.
I have installed WP on your host and exported all my imported files to your host via FTP.
However, it doesn’t appear on my site.
I think I made a mistake:
Should I ftp the files into the folder directly without installing WP, because the imported files from my previous hosting contain already the same?
Thank you for your support!

Yes, but you may also need to re-import the database with your old data, and change the siteurl and home values on wp_options table (or whatever it will be called) with your new website URL in order for your WordPress website to work as intended and the same way as your premium hosting does.


There is a folder titled htdocs in the erkanumut.epizy.com. I transfer my files into this.
I hope this is the correct way.

you need to delete index2.html and rename whatever webpage to index.(insert file extension here). And don’t forget the wordpress folder.

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Now, I have created a new account for the same domain name (above mentioned).
I have a latest WP backup file from my premium host, and I uploaded it into the htdocs via FTP completely with success. (I didn’t install WP via softocolous this time).
Created db and upoad the .sql file with success after some trials, as well as updated the wp-config.php with my new database name/login/pwd/address.
Now waiting for the hour limit (up to 72hrs.)…

My friend, who is a programmer, helped me and its all set now.

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