WTF? Suspended and all I have up is a maintenance page?

How is it even possible to exceed CPU limits with a maintenance page?

Can someone from Admin explain this?

I have had ONLY a maintenance page ever since the hosting caused my site to crash more than three days ago.

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Caching issues on your end. For me it redirects to or, so:

Yeah because it was suspended for CPU limits.

What I’m saying though is how can I exceed CPU limits of the only page anyone can access is a maintenance page because the rest of the site is down and has been for more than three days?

It depends on what exactly this “maintenance page” is. Does it allow you to manage your site? Is it a script of some sort?

Its a static page with an email signup which no one has used as of yet while the site is down.

I looked at my analytics and there were 0 - that is ZERO - users yesterday.

and now I’ve been suspended AGAIN, overnight, and haven’t had a single user to my site in more than three days? WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Can any mods here explain why I am being suspended when it’s physically impossible for anything to have been used enough to exceed limits?!?!?!

No one has an answer? Seems impossible right?

I did some poking around in the suspension statistics, and there is definitely something going on. I see much higher resource limit suspension rates in this month compared to the last month. I have no idea what that “something” is (it might just be an anomaly in my data), but from what I’ve seen so far, I suspect that iFastNet may have changed something earlier this month which caused additional suspensions.

I’m currently trying to get in touch with the relevant people at iFastNet who can help me take a look at this from their end. But that’s a fairly small group of people, so this may take a bit longer than usual to fix. I’ll try to share updates when I learn more.


Yeah I’m still having problem even with a clean install. Looks like I’m going to have to abandon this place as its become outmoded.

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I’m still doing my best to get this issue resolved, but this is not a simple “click a button and it’s done” fix. Please bear with us and give us a chance to make this right.


Hey, I get it,

This place is free so I’m not complaining that hard.

Seems like the use of elementor has become problematic for however this place is set up.

Had to move my website as this place can’t seem to get it shit together.

I get it - you’re just a re-seller and fucked up with too many websites re-sold using up too many resources and now you have to turn off people’s free websites.

If you just said this instead of this charade, then people might have more respect for the admins here.

There was actually an Issue which has been resolved now: Increased rate of daily limit suspensions

Hopefully, it should not happen again.
Remember that this is free hosting. Things like this can happen on a free platform. There is no need to get really mad about this.


Like I said earlier _ I’m not mad about the down time - just come clean as to why this HAPPENED.

I’ve been harassed iFastNet to get more details about this issue, but I haven’t learned that much more useful this far. The resource limits are purposely shrouded in mystery, so I’m not surprised, but I am sorry that I’m not able to provide a more detailed post mortem like I usually try to do.


Got suspended again today for entry process limits exceeded.
Checked my website stats. Nothing.
More phantom suspensions.
Guess someone else is using up all the resources and then all of us get punished.
Good thing I cloned the site to another company which has had zero downtime this month.

I see your account had a small entry process usage spike on the 23rd, and a massive one on the 28th.

Note that these graphs may be calculated at the end of the day, while daily usage suspensions may already occur earlier in the day, if you hit the limits of that particular day.

So I think the graph was incorrect, not the suspension.

Also, did you actually try to send traffic to this other company? Uploading a few files and database tables to an account doesn’t cause too much load. Actually hitting it with production traffic could.


You should just come clean and say what the real problem is.

Your credibility is weakened every time you attempt to justify something which doesn’t exist.

The real problem is that the entire resource limit system is a black box. I have no idea what happens inside of it because iFastNet won’t tell anyone, including me, what’s in the black box, and I haven’t been able to collect enough information about it to figure it out for myself (reverse engineering it of sorts). So all I can come clean about is that I don’t know anything for certain about any of this.

Is the black box working as intended for your account? I don’t know! I don’t know what goes into the black box and what should come out of the black box. All I know for certain is that your account was suspended for high resource usage.

If, out of nowhere, a dozen people come in at the same day and say the suspension system is broken, then something probably changed and now the system is probably broken.

But if one person says the resource limit is broken and nobody else reports any notable issues, that’s not a particularly strong indicator that something is broken. And I can’t exactly go complain to a system engineer and say they broke something because of a single complaint from a single person with no verifiable evidence that the calculation is in fact wrong.

So, unless you can find some data that all the IO suspension, CPU suspension and EP suspension are all clearly and provably wrong, I can’t do anything else to help you.