Has anyone had similar problems installing xoops? How did you deal with this problem?

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You did the installation manually or through Softaculous from control panel ?

I think there might be some extra work because of this
source Chapter 8: Ready to go! - XOOPS Installation Guide


I installed using Softaculous. I used a white page with a 500 error. I tried to enter admin.php and index.php directly, it was unsuccessful. When I wanted to install manually, I got a lock on my account for unlawful account users. So I guess it was a long operation. I copied the packed file and then wanted to unpack it on the server. Do you have any other ideas on how to install xoops?

you mentioned error 500 - it would be good to see why it showed up and then debug

you need to do unpack on your pc for these reasons

I can’t tell you anything clever except to try the procedure from this link Chapter 1: Preamble - XOOPS Installation Guide

and of course you can always think of some alternative software instead of xoops


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