Hey There! I’m Tyler M-Wise,

I am 14 years old, and I am a coder that develops games in different coding languages such as Lua, HTML, C# (C Sharp), and JavaScript! I design with one of my best friends. We both own a company called TBM Productions which was created to help the world in Programming and Game Developing.

I have had a passion for computers from around the age of eight, and I have always been trying to make things and types stories of my own. When I was younger, I wanted to be a book author. I kept making stories about a character called Pugman. He went on adventures and went around the world. I had around 30 pages of stories about him, writing about Pugman helped me feel less stressed, and I was always loving drawing images of him to add to my book.

I am currently studying Photography as one of my GCSEs, and I am continually improving my photos, and I hope to improve this a lot over the years in my life. Throughout my life, I have done many things, but the most significant decision I had to make was picking my GCSEs. Here are the ones I decided to go for: Computer Science, Film Studies, Photography, Health & Social Care.

On my website, you can find some of my photography work and my open-source coding projects. You can also find information about TBM Productions.