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Of course when iFastNet upgraded us to php 8.1 everything (well, not everything) is broken :joy_cat:

Anyway, has anyone ever tried to build Firefox from source? I’ve been trying but it keeps failing saying that it can’t find c:\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll but it does clearly exist :pensive:


or what you “start” should have admin rights to see it


For some reason (starting today), whenever I navigate to a video (I’m using bing, so it pulls up the bing preview of the video) or some other types of websites (I don’t know the criteria for the latter), chrome crashes (it just closes. Re-opening it says that chrome didn’t shut down correctly and gives the option to restore). A crash report gives an error code 0xc0000005 and the message: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.

This doesn’t happen in Chrome Canary, however…

I tried turning off hardware accel, using my integrated graphics for chrome instead of the 3060, I tried looking through the debug log for any errors (none), I tried running no-sandbox…

Oh, and a malware scan gives me an a-ok.


Do you have any idea as to what is causing it?


How about re-installing chrome, minus the extensions and addons…??


Probably won’t work, but run it as admin and see if the issue persists?



I tried that but no luck.

I was thinking of doing that. I don’t want to because I don’t want to erase all of my cookies and site data, but I might have to. Logging into all of the websites again will be a pain, but yeah I might do it tomorrow (when I’m not using my accounts).


Help please seriously

HeLp… mE…eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I swear, I can’t even add an instrument to the song, haha.

But hey, I was always thinking when using LMMS: dang, I wish this had more features.

And so, the learning curve begins!

And the barrage of me saying yeah no screw this I’m not good enough if I can’t make things begins, too

I mean, I downloaded the offline manual so when I get home I’m going to read it and play around a little.

I’m seriously thinking of buying, but maybe I’ll try out Ableton and some others before I buy.

I need to set aside the idea that expensive stuff brings good results and focus on whether or not I need this stuff. Even if I’m not good with LMMS, it brings a lot of drawbacks with its primitive and unvisualized interface and I really do think that trying a different DAW will really up my game because of its ease of use and workflow capabilities.

Also, do you know what this is?


What is it used for?

It came with the FL Studio. Will it uninstall as well if I uninstall FL Studio?


click here and here

so it plays what is in playlist
second click to show the time

you have two versions of ASIO

ASIO is used to communicate directly with the sound card (so the lag is smaller)
but that also means that sounds from some other programs are not possible
because this has exclusive access

also FL studio made FL asio
so you can hear other things with that
for example, fl studio plays, but also some YT videos in the browser

while with the other ASIO it is not possible

and if uninstall deletes it, you can always install it manually

Open all demo projects from the list and maybe you learn something
but for FL tutorials, it’s best to watch YT

FL Studio is huge
and I think your trial will end without you knowing even 5%


I thought that the trial version doesn’t end.

But yeah, I learned a couple of things via YT. Like for one, you don’t just create the melody in the playlist, you create it as a pattern and drag it in (I mean, you could make it via the playlist, but apparently people use patterns instead. Is this just for the standard?). Also, unlike LMMS, you can have different sounds on the same track list, which is nice. Also, the drawing tools are much more advanced, like the painting option.















Just deleted 101.5 GB of files from the recycling bin. Really need to start doing that more often.


You should also run Disk Cleanup. And then again as Administrator.

One time I did that and removed 27Gb of Windows Update Cleanup, and approx. 15Gb of Recycle Bin crap. It’s amazing how much random space Windows and its components can take up.


I had a great idea for a song in my head. I saved it for about an hour, mulling over how I would make it. I worked up the courage thinking “yeah, this is basic, even though I know most times when I get to the computer it turns out to be hard, this can’t be that bad,” I go home… open FL Studio (I need the practice with a more complicated DAW) and sit down.

Well, I spent 20 hours listening to 2 musical notes I was trying to perfect. The sound from the Synth sounded awful, I couldn’t get the chords right, the clap sucked…

I gave up on it because I mentally drained myself. Dang… this is annoying.

It was literally as simple as D *clap* C

And I still screwed it up somehow…

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It’s decent. I could tweak it some more, but the learning curve is so high that I’m exhausted already.

I think my ADHD and general laziness is preventing me from pushing further. Maybe it’s burnout, though. I keep doing this each day so that I can learn, but maybe it’s too much? I can’t sit down for an hour to do this, especially when I’m new. Am I just built differently, or am I pushing myself too much? The way you put down notes is a lot different from LMMS and it feels that patterns push you into a song without much dynamics (do you really have to create a different pattern for each different melody, even if you want to change, say, a single note up an octave on the second repetition?), so maybe it will take a while before I get to where I am now on LMMS on FL Studio.

@Oxy, I shoulda asked you this from the beginning, but how did you start making music? How did it feel, and did you burn out? How long was it until you started to get the hang of things, and how long was it until you started making music that you thought actually reflected the music you heard in your brain (I could say “good” music, but good is very subjective)?


Is something like this possible in PHP?

function printHERE($data){
    echo $data;



That code will output:


But is there a way to make it print:


(Basically have the function output HTML from where the function is defined, instead of where the function is called)

<?php function printHERE($data){ ob_start(); echo $data; return ob_get_clean(); } ?> <?php echo printHERE('


'); ?>

<?php echo printHERE('Hello'); ?>

mostly when I’m feeling shitty and you need some escape
when you feel great then you just be and enjoy the moment (you don’t need anything)

or when something unplanned happens while you’re experimenting in fl studio and something starts to sound good or intriguing (as in my last case)

and then of course it’s a double edged sword…
you have something to work with
but that automatically means that I can’t mess it up, but then you have to manually edit every literally every note (release, attack, duration), coming up with a story, making it fun, and all of that is very tiring
because now it’s no longer a matter of creativity, but of dry actions to make the overall sound as clean as possible (in fact, this last song of mine sounds the best of all the previous ones and I didn’t use dolby in the video, but AAC).

same as with programming
you have an idea for a super useful program, you make a layout, etc., and then boring coding, debugging, etc. start…

you start with personal projects
for example mobile phone ringtones
you make your own ringtones and thus customize your smartphone

you start making the song in small segments
like you’re making a jingle for a radio station
means something interesting lasting up to 15 seconds
and so you have a simple essence that you then stretch into a big song
giving other things and decorating it all…

I already compared it to a Christmas tree in old posts here
so if you have a beautiful big Christmas tree, it is easy to decorate it
whatever you put on it turns out good and beautiful
as opposed to having a dry tree with three humped branches.

What you hear in your head is always difficult to translate into reality (into a song)
that’s why I use synths that I’m used to and that I know how they work and where is what (to waste less time)

There are a lot of tricks and you learn them all through experience
sometimes it’s a coincidence (you click something in fl studio and you get something better than you imagined)

It used to take me 2 months to complete a song, now I can do it in 3 days
but I’ve been in FL for a long time (since the time when it was called FruityLoops, later they shortened it to FL)
it is not difficult or complicated DAW
you can only do many things in 5 ways there
you will only be aware of it when you get to know it a little better


throw a few things in the playlist so it lasts longer
choose a new pattern above that you don’t use
put it empty in the playlist and stretch it to make it longer
then click the REC (and play) button and select notes and automation
and while recording you move any knob or whatever on a synthesizer or in FL studio GUI (like left and right speakers)
then you press stop (on REC button)
and now you have all that recorded in that pattern


and don’t choose this crazy BPM

let it be 128 , 130 , 132 , 140, 170, 80 , 90
if you use samples and especially drum loops
so you don’t have to stretch them to fit in your grid (compatibility)


No, that won’t work.

The <p>Hello<p> has to be plain HTML, no PHP.

And the printHERE(<p>Howdy</p>) has to come after the Hello.

Output must be:



Round 2.

A bit better.

I’ve noticed that FL Studio is a tad bit different than the other DAWs (from what I’ve seen from people using them, anyways). For instance, the reliance on patterns. A bit annoying (LMMS has this style too, but it’s not forced upon you and I shy away from it), but maybe it’s useful? I don’t know…

I made the lead myself and the growl was made by me earlier but tweaked for this project (I really like how the growl turned out).

I still find the patterns weird though. I’d rather just click to open up a piano roll and throw something in, not make a pattern and drag that pattern into the playlist. Although, I do like that you can have different instruments on one track, which makes it nice if you want to make a small change to an instrument (assuming you aren’t using automation to do it) but still consider it the same instrument.

Also, I used a limiter for sidechaining. Is that what I was supposed to do? I’m following the first part of this tutorial: How To Sidechain in FL Studio 20 - YouTube

In other news:

Didn’t know Aiobahn did rawstyle, but man I love it.

I would love to make music like that, being able to switch between genres on a whim. But uh, one step at a time, I guess.

And also, the music video is so amazing, the different colors and dream-like illusions flashing on the screen makes it twice as weird but twice as awesome


Take 3:

I spent a little too much time for something as simple as this (especially considering that everything but the clap was made by me from scratch in Vital), and I can definitely work on the transitions for the lowpass filter (it jerks back into place way too quickly), but eh… for something I just slammed together it’s decent!

I definitely need a keyboard and should learn how to play piano, though. I come up with songs easier if I use my hands to tap on keys instead of having to slowly put them in place via the piano roll, and I feel that most artists will agree with that. You can’t beat the sensation from hitting keys and I think our brains works better that way.

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You can drag and drop any wav or mp3 into the list
or if you have your own folder where you have such files, you can also go there
from the browser list (left vertical) and from there you can also drag and drop

Go to the settings and then

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