403 Access Denied Error

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403 Access Denied

Other Information

I cannot access my website. The URL is stated above. It has only 403 Access Denied error. It was working for months already and I haven’t changed my source code. I tried also to access File Manager but also inaccessible.
Thanks for the help.

Have you checked .htaccess?

Can use filezilla to access?


No. I can’t access it using FileZilla. Good thing that I can access the control panel and I was able to backup my database. But I need the URL because it is already known by my target users.

This is the error message.

how u hv taken backup?

If you have a backup you can delete the domain from your account, create a new one with the same domain, and are-upload the files. Hopefully you will be put on an IP that does not have this issue.

NOTE: This may not work because I don’t know if all accounts are affected or not!

Yes… I was able to backup my database… I also have a local copy of my source code.

It is just disappointing if I’m going to have another URL because it is already known by my target population.

I’ll try your suggestion… Thanks…

You should be able to access the control panel, remove the domain, and add it again to the new account.

Your domain is up but your directory is empty thou.

Let’s keep this to the official topic, shall we?