404 not found for my website milanadhikari.cf

**My website URL is:**milanadhikari.cf

**What I’m seeing is:**404 not found

I’m using this software: I am using cloudflare to encrypt my website

**Additional information:**This website opened up for few days after creating but nowadays it doesn’t.

I just get an SSL error now. Can you please share a screenshot of the page you see?

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here is the screenshot

it’s caching issue for you probably. try to clear your cache

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Also, for me it shows just like the Admin viewed (ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CYPHER_MISMATCH).

I still get the SSL error. Usually this means that Cloudflare hasn’t installed the SSL certificate for your domain yet, but they probably should have by now. Odd.

Anyways, the error page you see is typically caused by the htdocs folder of the domain being missing. Although that doesn’t seem to be the case with your website either.

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Dear Admin, I could not find zone records for eg : TXT records in my cpanel please guide me through it. I have closed cloudflare temporarily for my website.

TXT records are not available for free hosting.

If you’re trying to get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt (or one of their implementations, like sslforfree.com or ZeroSSL), they currently don’t offer any validation method which works with free hosting. If you intend to use Cloudflare anyways (which is the easiest way to get SSL), I wouldn’t bother with installing custom SSL certificates and just use the SSL connections from Cloudflare.


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