Account deactivated, 3 days passed

I recently (01/07/19) received an email about the deactivation of my account epiz_23762767. The thing is that this email went to the junk email folder and I didn’t see it until now, 9 days after.

Please, I am kindly requesting you to reactivate my account for epiz_23762767 if it is possible.

I know that the site does not have any content yet, but I was planning to start building it on holidays. How many visits should my site have per month for it to remain online?

Thank you in advance for helping me. I am a big fan of your work and really appreciate the service you provide to the community. As long as I create a viable site I am going to support you.

Keep up the good work!

Your website should have at least a visit per month in order to not get it terminated. If the account wasn’t reactivated by you within 3 days of receiving that email, your account may get deleted permanently to make space for the new accounts, and you may create a new account for then visiting it every month, programming it and uploading the files from the project folder to the htdocs folder via Monsta FTP, net2ftp or FileZilla.

Please check the status of your account in the client area. If the account is not deleted yet, it should be in the list and you can reactivate the account from there. If the account is no longer in the list, it means the account was deleted. If an account is deleted, it really is deleted, meaning it’s fully removed from our servers and we have no way to restore it.

If you want to host the website with us again, feel free to create a new hosting account with the same domain. If you still have a copy of the website, you may be able to restore it, but we don’t have your website anymore.

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Thank you both for the reply, I will rectify this as proposed.

I can not express how pleasantly surprised I am from the response time of your free support!
Well done!

Have a nice day! 8’)

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