Account suspended

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

Website is suspended. I think it has been suspended for the favicon or the file name containing the DMCA

I also send how it is suspended in my Discord

Other Information

No other Information

All my websites are suspended also

Open a support ticket


If you were suspended for Abuse, you should open a support ticket and ask why you were suspended, and if you can get a copy of your files.


Leave it suspended then move to my own server

If so, the data in the account will be deleted after 30 days completely!


InfinityFree bad

Move to hostinger or another hosting service

The problem was caused due to the content on your account. Hence resulting in suspension. Please do not abuse, just because you caused the issue and blaming the other. If so, then BYE!

Then leave InfinityFree and move to another hosting service

Thank you for using Infinityfree then!

Hostinger instead

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yes they also have a free plan, but very low resources where site may not even run! And 1 hour of sleep time. The bots are even more strict there. Once such type of content is found, direct suspension with no warning and no support, bye!

Ok. Leave the InfinityFree and move to Hostinger

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You are most welcome!

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Say goodbye to InfinityFree

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