Actions in MySQL use or spend my Daily Hits Used?

Hi, im new in promming, and i want to do a project that requieres SQL.

So i wanted to know if the querys, or any action with databases in theinfinityfree hosting spend the Dailys Hits Used?
And i have the same question about external databases too.

In the case that databases in my infinityfree spend the daily hit, recommended use external like firebase?

Other Information

Actions that i want to do:
-Save Users according to mail
-Send messages with php mail
-Save and show scores saved in database

I have not started the project yet since I have those doubts.

Did you read this article already?

Or this article for that matter?

Both articles should be pretty clear about what a hit is, and make it clear that database traffic does not affect hits usage at all.

This is not possible on free hosting, but you can use an external mail service, for example using Gmail SMTP with PHPMailer.


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