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How do I monetize my website with google adsense??

Hello, Unfortunately you can’t Monetize Sub-domains of Infinityfree with Adsense consider getting Free Custom Domain from or Hope this Helped, Thanks.


Hi @webhost, as @7ukolp has said, InfinityFree sub-domains are not available for AdSense monetization. I would recommend buying a custom domain (You can get a .com for less than $10 a year on NameCheep) and setting it up with that domain.

Best of Luck!

Here is a tip from @Ergastolator1

You can’t add subdomains on Google AdSense. You must have your own Top-Level Domain (TLD) name. If you don’t know how to get one, get one free from Freenom (but note that .tk domains aren’t supported on free hosting, the other types are), point it to our nameservers, add it on the “Parked Domains” section of the Control Panel and change your WordPress site and home URLs to contain your own domain name in place of the old one.


Thanks @7ukolp and @Greenreader9 to clarify.


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