Arent Anti-Virus Protection for my Website okay?


I want to protect my website from Malware, Virus, Spyware and etc…
I want to upload the virustotal security protection, and I uploaded it but my website got suspended…
Oh BTW, this incident happened last month ago.
Please do tell me why I was suspended…


We already have our own malware scanners which scan files uploaded to your account. One of the things it checks for is identifiers for known malware and hacking tools. Virus scanners are filled with malware identifiers, because they use the identifiers to flag malware similar to how we do it.

So essentially, our malware scanners see you upload a file filled with references to malware content. Which means your account is deactivated to prevent further damage.

We can still reactivate your account, just submit a review request from the client area with this explanation.

However, please don’t upload any virus scanners to your hosting account again. As you just experienced: we already have that covered. Scanning your own website for malware is never a bad idea, but you should do so before uploading it to your website.

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