Be a forum moderator

I will be a moderator how can i be it? (as a volunteer)

Please read…

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Be active, get at least regular first and if Admin likes you, you MIGHT get mod. also wrong category…


Becoming a moderator is not gonna make your helping quality better believe me :slight_smile:

If you want to help people you can do it without being a mod.


Give me Mod! (Just kidding , Not worthy for it)


I think helping as a member gives good reputation to the whole hosting :slight_smile:

Hello, @Admin can I be a forum moderator? I will not spam anything

You do not become a moderator just by asking. If anything, you’ve heavily lowered your chances.

Moderator is earned on this forum. No one asks for it, you are awarded it.


For someone who says that he will not SPAM, you do create a lot of similar topics!




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According to my experience, there’s something hidden behind who is frequency begging for something :slight_smile:


I can list at least 50 people who deserve it before you

And it is also a matter of security - you have to prove yourself over the years as a person of trust

But the real question is “does the forum need more moderators?”
The moderator can make a lot of mess on the forum (fortunately there is a backup)
so that status is only granted if there is a need for it.


Ok, i understand

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am i one of them :point_right::point_left:


Please list them :joy:


I will not make a list or name anyone,
because then various conclusions can be drawn from it, such as:

“He put me at the top of the list”
“Why I am the third choice ?!”

and in the end, I would have to sort everything alphabetically to make it fairer.

Besides, I don’t want to create any list, because doing so might put the admin in an awkward position
and ultimately he is the one who decides.

Tomorrow he may come up with the idea to simply grant 10 moderators status or is quite satisfied with the current situation.

I’m just trying to put myself in his position and guess what he would do and what the reasons are.

For me, it is much more important how someone treats customers and his common sense,
because MOD is more someone who is PR of this service and often the first person a user encounters,
therefore a lot depends on that first impression of how the user will look at the IF as a whole.

The number of posts or solutions is not so important.

Of course,
it’s a nice feeling of some accomplishment and when you climb a ladder after your effort.

Here are a lot more users who are more active than I am…
I don’t have that much time and I have other obligations so I can’t be on the forum 24/7.

Many deserve some reward but it is difficult to give it for various reasons.

But just because someone is a MOD doesn’t mean they are a better person, more valuable, or smarter than others!

We were there at the right time when there was a need for moderators and that’s basically it.


if you ask bayodino, he would know i was joking… but i understand you :slight_smile:


In short you don’t need to have a greater power than others just to help people.


Y’all really want to know if you are on the list!! :joy: