Cannot add domain to InfinityFree

Hello, when I am trying to add my domain to InfinityFree, I get the following error message:

The selected custom domain is already in use on unaux .com. Please remove the custom domain from your account at unaux .com before you can host it on InfinityFree.

I do not know what is going on, I have even changed my nameservers to and Can someone please help? Thanks.

My domain is: http: //tech128 .ca

I see that your website is still point with, so remove the old DNS and install the new DNS from InfinityFree, and

After that, wait for the propagation until the landing page appears on your website, it means your website is ready to use

I have waited over a week after changing nameservers to and However, I still get the same message. Please help. Thanks.

I checked your domain NS on, it’s empty.
Then I checked your domain NS through its whois on, but it’s same as you said.
It’s weird.

Try to re-input the NS on your domain panel.
Before that, you can also input Google DNS first, then change again to epizy NS.
Wait until it’s detected on, then add that domain to your hosting panel.


I checked on and this is what i see:

it seems the NS is already pointed to infinityfree. However, it is still not working.

I see the problem. Unaux .com redirects to (not saying the name) another free host that’s a reseller of MOFH and is powered by iFastNet. I know from experience that they’re all on the same system. To use that domain from InfinityFree, you’d first have to remove it from your account at that other host.


what does MOFH stand for as i see you mentioned it

It stands for “My Own Free Host” a free reseller program by iFastNet. InfinityFree is in my opinion the best host running on it with all of their custom features (like the client area).


alright thanks! Ill just wait since i saw on their forum that you have to wait a few weeks for it to be deleted:
I’ll post an update once it works.

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