Can't find Roundcube softaculous


i try to install roundcube using softaculous.But i could not find it on softaculous. I ask this since i see there is roundcube on softaculous at the old forum discussion. i hope someone can help me to install roundcube on my domain without enter my control panel

To use webmail, you must login to the control panel and access the webmail from there.

Alternatively, you can use a different mail provider.


Odd, it looks like it has been removed. I don’t know when or why this happened, but it’s either because of a compatibility issue or because there were too many requests from people asking how they could integrate RoundCube on their website into the free hosting mail system (you can’t).

Still, you could try to install it manually and see if that works.


I try to install it manually before but i stuck while doing the setup/configuration. I try download it from and follow the guideline from github but i can’t do it because when i get into mydomain/installer it redirect to 403 forbidden page. If can could anyone please help guide me step by step?

My domain is

could you please give some example

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