Can't install softaculous app on my site..please admin help me...!

I am new on this hosting services…I want to install WordPress on my website…but I can’t enables the softaculous app installer on my cpanel…when I click on softaculous app installer button…it redirect me to a blank page with"You need to login" type message…then when I again click on login link…It again redirect me to cpanel…So I can’t access my “softaculous app installer” …please admin help me and solve my problem…
My site username:epiz_24186779
My site url::

@Ergastolator1 The error says, “you are not logged in” go to login.

I know, but did you read the KB article I posted to know the solution? If not click on the blue bold link.

Yes…I have read it and got my problem…

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Which domain/port do you see in the address bar of the login error page? Does it say or

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