Can't join my site

Username : epiz_29412549

Error Message : suspend website

Other Information : I can’t join my site… I already upload the index.html and everything is good.

Site url?

If it’s a new site, you may have to wait for DNS proportion, but providing a URL would be more helpful.


It looks like your new domain jas been setup correctly, and your sub-domain removed. If you don’t see this change, try clearing your cache.

Should I use or what

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Netlify is more or less a competitor, but their product is quite different in terms of how it’s used and who the target audience is. I don’t know enough about you, your skills and your requirements to tell you whether Netlify or InfinityFree is better for your needs.

My site still doesn’t work… how I can contact the admin?

What do you mean it “Dosent Work”, and this forum is the only way you can contact him.

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