Cant upload Site through FTP

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Hi Infinity Community
My name is Collymore, and I’m ‘new’, into basically ‘everything’ coding too,
I tired to upload my site using FTP option in my dashboard.
I successfully connected my ftp account with FileZilla Free edition.


Username: epiz_29459893

Response Message

response: 553 Can’t open that file: No such file or directory.

response: 550 can’t create directory: Permission denied.

Error Message

FileZilla throws 'File Transfer Failed

Other Information


Those error are odd. The most likely explanation I can think of is that you may be uploading the file to the wrong directory.

I do see that you have been able to upload some files successfully. What are the differences between the files that failed and the files that didn’t?

Thanx alot Admin

I figured it out!!, I only have problem that my site is not loaded ‘IndexPage.html’ with css and javascript.

How to change the default created index page of the page and insert mine

By default, the server will look for files named index.php, index.html, index.htm and index2.html in that order.

If you want a certain file to be loaded as the main page of your website, I would recommend naming that file to index.html in the htdocs folder.

But you can also set the DirectoryIndex directive through .htaccess rules to customize which file will get loaded for a certain directory. But not every platform supports that, so I would recommend renaming instead.

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