Cloudflare management

How can I manage/login to cloudflare which I activated through Vpanel…

Your best manually activating Cloudflare, you get more control.
Either way you can manage it at

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What is my username/password on cloudflare…
Do I need to change my nameservers to cloudflare ns

Admin?.. Please help!!

Create an account at and then point your nameservers to cloudflare’s. After that, create an A record in Cloudflare’s DNS section pointing to your website ip (check in the client area)


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So after that can I create more subdomains and manage FTP, create subdomains and install other softwares (like wordpress) through infinityfree or do I have to do it through cloudflare

Any software gets installed through InfinityFree, Cloudflare is only for Web Performance + Security.

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