Cloudflare ssl and DNS records

hi, so i have created an cloudflare account so i can get free ssl certificate, but when i add my website to cloudflare it ask for dns records which i dont know where i can get it.


and this is my main domain

can anyone help? i have seen other Topics like this but i still dont know what to do, sorry :frowning:

You’re making wrong.
Active the cloudflare via vPanel.

what? i did active ssl for my old website long ago in this way and it was working fine, but i think this time cloudflare have some problems ? :confused:

From the KB article “Cloudflare shows “Error 1016: Origin DNS error””:

You’ll want to add the following DNS records:

  • CNAME record with source @ and the target being your account’s main domain. How to find your main domain.
  • CNAME record with source www and target @ .
  • MX record with source @ and target (to receive email).
  • An additional CNAME record for every subdomain. So if you have a subdomain “blog”, you need to add a CNAME record with source blog and target @ .

thanks a lot it works now

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