Can I use cloudflare at the same time as infinityfree?

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Yes you can!
Add your site using cloudflare dashboard!
Note: you need custom domain. Infinityfree Subdomains can’t be used!


Where can I use my custom domain with cloudflare and infinityfree

If u r not create site yet then first link your domain with infinityfree namesever !
Then add your site with cloudflare then change the nameserver to cloudflare nameserver!

*if u already created domain with IF namerserver then simply change the name server to cloudflare nameserver which can be seen in your cloudflare dashboard!

Note: both cases no need to Change anything in IF cpanel!.
All process can be done using cloudflare and domain provider dashboards!


If you want to use Cloudflare, remove the and nameservers. Only and should be used.


Please see this community guide on how to setup Cloudflare:

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