CName Record

I understand. My first enrty was doubled because the open box isnt long enough to see the entire set of numbers before I hit submit.

So you have it entered correctly now?

yes, on bottom


Let me know if you have any other questions!

Does it matter that there are 2 entries?

It does not. That doesn’t affect anything.

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Awesome thx

Is there a reason this still says not ready? I submitted the info yesterday.

DNS changes can take up to 72 hours (3 days) to propagate around the world.
Also, make sure your CNAME records are set up correctly in cPanel.


I did input proper information in both boxes in CNAME so i will wait until tomorrow evening.

Well, you can see the record does not match

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I’m pretty sure those need to be deleted by a server admin.

Which record are you unable to remove? The first or the second one?

Is that first record the broken one? Because it will not interfere with any new CNAME records you’re setting up unless they have the same name (which I’m pretty sure they won’t have).

The post with the screenshot at 1:24 pm, I cant delete the first entry. The second entry is the correct one.

It does not matter though,

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Correct. The first entry is the incorrect one but i cant delete it from CNAME.

And there is no reason to delete it either. As long as the names are different, different CNAME records don’t interfere with eachother.

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This is still showing Not Ready. I noticed the difference with destinations but how to change? How do i delete previous entries?

From VPanel

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How can I get in touch with an admin to delete the first entry so I can start over?