Connecting Android-app with MYSQL-DB by PHP-Script but AES dosen't allow

I want to send POST request from android application but the AES security don’t accept my request.
i have tried to get __test cookie in my java code, but it return null always.
i can get the cookie from my browser and paste that as header but it’s work only for me not other users.
what should i do ? i didn’t purchase my website and i don’t want to do that till the BETA-VERSIONoff my app released.
I really thankfully if you help me.
any tutorial or any suggestion can help me.

The security system you’re encountering is well documented here:

The TL;DR is that our free hosting can only be used to host websites which are accessed through normal web browsers. API hosting is not something we offer. The security system you’re hitting is mandatory on all accounts and cannot be disabled.

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So if i purchase my host , can i access php script from my app?

Absolutely, the security system you’re running into is only present on free hosting. On paid hosting, you should have no problem with this.

You could even make your MySQL database accessible from other locations. Although it’s probably a bad idea to let client apps write directly to it.


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