Delete SSL Certificates

Hello, I am New in Your Hosting, I used free SSL certificate, but I had mistake, so I created more certificate than I need, I want to delete this certificate if u can please help me. I marked the certificate, with a red line, which I don’t need.

Click on the button according to the domain, there should be a delete certificate option

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Hello, and welcome to the forum!

You can delete certificates by clicking the blue button, then the red delete button.

Some of your certificates may not give you the option to delete them, you can just ignore them, as they will not affect your site in any way.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Pending certificates cannot be deleted (anymore). The order is already sent to GoGetSSL, and things become a mess if we delete the corresponding record on our end. After 30 days, GoGetSSL will mark the order as failed.

Similar story for failed orders: the orders exist with their providers and we can’t undo them.

Over time, the failed and expired orders will move to the bottom of the list, and eventually onto other pages. And if you’re having trouble finding other orders now, you can click the status filter buttons at the top to only view issued certificates, for example.


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