Did I add CloudFlare the wrong way for premium hosting? (Solved yet again LOL)

So I think I added cloudflare to my website wrong :confused: so what I did was I went to cloudflare.com and added my website to it then I changed the nameservers to cloudflare’s nameservers, the reason I think I did this wrong is cause I was on the cPanel and noticed that it said cloudflare and I clicked on it and it said this “Child failed to make LIVEAPI connection to cPanel.” know why? or is that on your end? Cause I’m trying to make a subdomain and it’s more complicated making one if you have cloudflare on your site.

omg lol I keep thinking I did it wrong but I do it right but I’m impatient lol I just had to wait but the subdomain is up now :stuck_out_tongue: