E-Mail Amount Limit?

Is there some kind of Daily limit of sent E-Mails with the free plan?

I don’t know the limits of the email amounts because I only use their services with fair purposes, so try for yourself.

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No, I think.
but you can’t send emails using PHP from Subdomains .

Yes, there are sending limits, but the exact limits are classified information. Just don’t use it for any bulk mailing and you should be fine.

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

So, is it possible to send like about 1000 E-Mail newsletters with a delay of one second in between?

If you want to send newsletters, please use a newsletter service like Mailchimp, or another bulk email solution for that instead. Our email service is intended for personal communication, e.g. you sending an email you wrote yourself to one other person.

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