Error 521 - Webserver is down


our webserver is down. Any ideas? Is anyone else facing the same issue?

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it is a thing that also happened to others :confused:

I think the IP is offline for maintenance, and we should wait for iFastNet to fix it ASAP.
EDIT: Problem solved, as @huhstream said.

seems to be resolved now. thank you

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Well I don’t have a problem with waiting in general. Wanted to know if I’m the only person here & it’s also not a problem if the support does not answer directly after one nano second as some users may wish in general.

Best regards.

You weren’t the only person that had experienced that issue. There also were other 2 that posted on the forum for that problem, and other I don’t know the number that didn’t visit their website hosted on that IP in the time they were affected by the issue.

Solved, thanks to the support! Rating on trustedpilot is going to be given!

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It looks it weren’t a Fatal issue. I’m happy :grinning:

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