Error can not read from line from socket

hello i having this error, just want to know how log will it be doing this cozy i have i have edit my home page as it is showing blank

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Why don’t you use ftp like filezilla?

Same bro I posted a topic, And it’s the same issues I hope someone help us

i have use it to sent file but still it is not working like to overwrite other file

Can you please try using FileZilla client? It works a lot better.

I am having the same issue. I have tried three methods as I need to upload a corrected file. Neither “filemanager” from the panel, EverWeb, nor Filezilla will connect.

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Can you try using instead of Also, double-check to ensure the error message is the same.

Can you please share the username on which you experience this issue? I can’t check an issue if I don’t know where it happens and I can’t verify it myself.


Sure epiz_29220372

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FYI - I have tried with VPN, without VPN, changed VPN servers… nothing has worked.

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admin i have same issue my username:epiz_29224516

user name is epiz_26570683

link is not working

estou com o mesmo problema conta

i have same problem too, fix this please !!!


epiz_28929633 the same :frowning:

Read Latest Outage:

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There seems to be an issue with the file manager itself in addition to the ongoing outage.

The people hosted on the IP addresses listed in the current outage don’t have any file access.

The accounts in this topic NOT on these IPs also don’t have a working file manager, but FTP access itself works.

So, to everyone who is experiencing these issues:

  • Please check if your website is on the listed IP (check the IP Address / Website IP field in the client area). If you are, please keep an eye on the outage topic for information.
  • Please try connecting with a desktop FTP client like FileZilla instead. If your website is not on the listed IP addresses, you should be able to access your files this way.
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i can access my file FTP and upload file by once i fresh it shows me zero k

Can I please just send files and upload upload for me? Or just move index file, play fold and section fold from domain to domain I will be highly appreciate and let me know things will work for me I will be waiting for feedback