Error WordPress

I installed WordPresses on my domain using softaculous.
Unfortunately, when I update the home page of my site, WordPresse says :
“The update failed. You are probably offline.”
What can I do?
Thanks in advance.

It’s not easy to help you without a domain name.
Are you using Cloudflare?

This may help you out:

Also, can you please provide your URL?

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My website url is:

After the cloudflare “Under Attack” mode check, you site seams to work fine for me. Where are you experiencing this error message, and is something not working correctly?

Yes, my domain name is

Please see this article to fix that issue:


That’s not the problem.
When I want to modify the content of the site, wordpresse gives me an error message :
“The update failed. You are probably offline.”

Yes, I know.
Check the article I mentioned above.

And you have mixed content in your site. Some elements use the HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS.
You have to fix that too.


Understood, Please read the article that @alexvf linked above. It should give you a better understanding of what is happening. Also, be sure that your SSL is set up correctly, and everything on your site (Images, links, etc.) is using HTTPS and not HTTP.

All my pages use the https protocol

Disable Automatic HTTPS Rewrites in CF

When I disable the automatic HTTPS rewriting of CF, the CSS and JavaScript no longer work.

Most likely due to mixed content issue.
Did you install really simple ssl plugin?


I have flexible SSL from cloudflare

You have mixed content issues (When some of your files are HTTP and some are HTTPS, they ALL need to be one or the other)

Really Simple SSL is a Wordpress plugin that may solve your issue.


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I will test thank you.

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Thank you very much, that was the problem.

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