Excuse me, what is going on, I cannot add my domain name!!

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change the nameservers to what is provided is the pic2. when creating a hosting account if you provide custom domain the you should use infinityfree namservers.

I have used infinityfree’s domain name server

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there is no need to alter the nameserver, if using subdomain. Did you try creating another account using the same domain? If no, please delete the domain you added previously in picture#1 and then create a new hosting account from control panel

@mofa233, how long ago did you change the name servers? The Client area and the Control panel don’t check things the same way, so sometimes the Control Panel sees things differently. You may want to try again tomorrow. Also, can you please pase your full domain here (how one would type it into the URL bar), thanks.

@jaikrishna.t, The namesevers are fine. epizy and byet nameservers go to the same spot, so it doesn’t matter witch set is used. Also, why are you saying to create a new hosting account? You can add a domain to an existing one perfectly fine.

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I added a new domain name because I want to use cloudflare’s CDN because my country is in China. If you don’t use Cloudflare’s CDN, you can’t access it normally.

Modified two days ago, it has not taken effect until now

So it is working? Remember that DNS propagation can take 72 hours, so a two day wait is not unheard of.

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Why are you unable to add your domain name? Can you please share exactly how and where you’re trying to add the domain, and what you see when trying to do so?

I purchased the domain name at godaddy, then registered an infinityfree account and changed it to an infinityfree DNS server. But after a few days I still haven’t seen the domain name take effect

I’m sorry, but can you please explain EXACTLY what you see?

By that, I mean a specific description like “I go to page X and enter A, select B and click C, and then I see error message Y”.

A description like “I still haven’t seen the domain name take effect”, might be a good conclusion for you based on what you see, but doesn’t really tell me a lot about what exactly you’re seeing and doing.

I think the problem is that you are adding a domain with non supported characters. I don’t think international characters are supported

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