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I’m aware that InfinityFree does not TOLERATE or ALLOW file upload sites and limit upload of files to be 5mb, presuming to save space and disk usage for them? But what if i have an empty drive or something of my own storage or virtual disk space that i could use or something or the other and using php etc. to host the website but files stored elsewhere, is that allowed?

IF is meant for hosting websites and nothing else. I don’t think that would be allowed.

So long as the “uploaded” files are not stored on the InfinityFree servers, and are stored in a remote location that allows file storing, that should be acceptable.

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should be or is accepted? I do not want to risk any sort of blacklist/ban, and yes if i store the files to remote storage

Hm how do you mean, i mean I would be hosting a website using php, but files elsewhere? since its cheaper to have virtual storage and free website.

I also think you can try using Filezilla ftp client.

In theory, yes, it’s allowed. You’re not technically breaking any rules by doing that, but if you want full confirmation wait for a response from the admin.

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No, we don’t allow that kind of usage either.

Sites like that don’t consume that much disk space, but they do consume a lot of bandwidth and server power to transfer the files.

That is why we prohibit all file hosting/storage/sharing sites. Not just the cases where the files are stored on our servers.

The rules are very clear: no file hosting/sharing sites. Any kind of file hosting/sharing related component here is completely forbidden.


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