Files in place my web not working

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:


I’m using this software:
MS Expression Web 4 all runs OK on my laptop from ‘default’ inside folder ‘ORGjc1’ This folder and all contents is in my htdocs folder your end.

What do I have to do to to get this to run from “” in my laptop browser?

Additional information:

Try deleting that index2.html file in your htdocs.

tried deleting index2.html no change. In Chrome still getting the splash screen. In Firefox and Opera I see into the File Directory and can click on default to run the web. In all browsers I can use “” to start the web but surely “” should do this?

Huh. by default it indexes index named files not default!

  1. Rename default.html to index.html.
  2. or put these into .htaccess file:
DirectoryIndex default.html

simply clear your cache :slight_smile:


Thanks cleared Chrome cache and copy/edit of .htaccess file to add default.html now in my htdocs folder. All browsers now deliver same view of my hosted Directory Listing… Click on default.html to start the web. OR browse for [***] Why is the host system not starting the web directly from my url?

I’ve seen you copied the default htaccess file you downloaded from the / folder to the htdocs and without hiding it by adding a dot before htaccess. Please remove all the contents from the visible htaccess, rename the visible htaccess to .htaccess and add these contents here:

# start here
DirectoryIndex default.html

or simply remove the visible htaccess file and rename the default.html file to index.html.

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Fixed. Many thanks. As my PC based MS Expression Web 4 builds a structure using default.html not index.html a simple guide for simple first timers could help. Note that I can edit file default to index in the working folder and Expression works fine with this. Also new to use FTP FileZilla. FTP delete means DELETE = no recovery. No Recycle Bin. Good to warn about this. I slipped up and FTP deleted my PC based build…

All web servers use index.html as the default file. If your website builder doesn’t do that, I’d expect the website builder to document that, as you would have this issue with almost all web hosting services.

As for Expression Web, I checked the Wikipedia page and it says that the product was dropped by Microsoft in 2012. InfinityFree was created in 2016, and I don’t think we’ll bother to invest any effort into supporting software which was already end of life years before we even started.

Yes, it’s an FTP “delete” and not an FTP “move to trash” button. It does what it says on the tin.


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