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Okay this is a very strange situation. I am currently on my main email address, but my main website is actually hosted here on InfinityFree. is the account that runs that website, Issue being that I forgot the email address that I actually used for that account.

I have all the domain name records and thankfully I still know the login details for the actual domain control panel on NameCheap. (So I can prove that its me)

The reason this is such an issue for me is that even if I was to be sent a password reset there is no way I could find the related email. I have 4 standard ones and all of them seem to not be the correct one so I must have used a specific one for this purpose

So I don’t quite know what to do now…

Any help appreciated. Thanks!

It’s nice of you to warn your website users that you’ll use cookies and local storage, unlike some other websites that already use them and they just put a little sticky bar on the bottom of there website and tell you that you need to agree

I think that the Admin can’t just reset it in case if you’re not the real owner of it

I have proof of it being my account since the domain is pointed to the ns server and I can prove that I actually own the related domain that the account actually uses. I could even provide the password as I know what it would be, I just don’t know the email.

Any ideas @Admin?

You should not give your password to anybody, even the Admin

I know but Im just trying to think of ways that I could prove that I own the account. Apart from the fact that I own the domain that the account actually uses I cant think of much.

Worse part is that my computer, this one, recently had a corruption so I have no backups of the website.

Well. Your previous Forum account should have kept your Email. Which means You can get your email back via this. If Admin can give it to you :slight_smile:

Yes, If I get the email associated with that account Ill be able to login.
Just need to find a way to convince Admin that the account is mine.

Can you please send this request to Sending it by email is preferred, because sharing email addresses in public probably is against the law.


will do. Thanks

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