FTP Query

Username: epiz_29153121

Website: http://files.rydercragie.com

I want to know what details I need to enter to connect via FTP to MultCloud (https://www.multcloud.com/) please. :blush:

The info can be found from client area

But where in the client area? Sorry if I’m being dumb –– I’m quite new to all this.

Click on manage to see the info

You should see something like below


Got it. It doesn’t tell me the server though. ftpupload.net isn’t working. :thinking:


Thank you. That worked. Also, I have a folder for an old subdomain. I know you can’t delete these due to legal reasons, but I created it, uploaded a test document and then deleted it. I am now using a different subdomain (files.rydercragie.com). Is it possible for you to delete it for me please? It’s kinda annoying. It’s the masked.rydercragie.com one.

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No, but you can rename it

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Good. And I may just use it for occasionally storing files if I need to. Thanks.

Just another thing, I uploaded a video file and it seems to not be there at all. It’s as if nothing ever happened. Any ideas why?

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Likely due to this?


Thanks. I’ll read through that.

I can’t rename that folder I was talking about though.

Can you try NotInUse1?

That didn’t work either.

No choice. Live with it then
Funny though, I can rename mine. Can you try renaming using filezilla?


Fair enough lol. If I delete a file, do they disappear from your servers? Or are they still there for legal reasons?

Yes, that’s why you should always backup

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Okay. I’ll do that later.

Just one last thing and then I’ll shut up. :rofl:

I want to upload a file that redirects people to my website homepage if they:

  1. Go to the domain on it’s own with nothing entered after it.
  2. Go to an invalid file path.

But from what I’ve heard, this can also get your account banned (seemingly instantly). Is it possible for me to do this without getting banned or is it automated?

Since there’s no way to password protect files with filemanager.ai, as far as I can tell, this would be great to help keep my files more private. I’d have to give out the direct links rather than anyone being able to go to files.rydercragie.com and having access to everything, not that there’s much there at the moment.

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You better read this

Oh, that’s against the terms of service? Apologies, I won’t bother!

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So you want to redirect the visitor to the homepage of they type on an incorrect URL? That is allowed, and is quite simple to set up.

Create a new .htaccess file in the /htdocs folder (it is a simple txt file with the name “.htaccess”) and add this code

ErrorDocument 404 /

You can do it with the file manager, but it is possible in the control panel! Just open the control panel and click “directory privacy”. Note that you can only protect directories, and not files, so you might need to change your folder structure around for this to work.

Let me know if you need anything else!

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