Help me to solve this errors!

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: CLOUDFLARE ERROR : Sorry there was a problem activating cloudflare for this domain or the email address, this is normally caused by the email address or domain name already existing on the cloudflare system.

I’m using this software: Navigator: Opera GX and Cloudflare

Additional information: i was trying to put cloudflare on my website, but i can’t.

If you already had a Cloudflare account with some domains already added on that email address, then you will have to login to Cloudflare directly and add it from there.



To add a domain into your Cloudflare account directly, just login to the Cloudflare dashboard, accessible from here, with the credentials you used to do the registration before (if you didn’t register there, but recently with the Control Panel integration, the email will be the one you used during the registration of your Client Area account, and the password will be your hosting account password, or the one you reset through the email they sent to you), then click on “Add a Site” if you added a domain before to input your domain without www; if you didn’t do that you just need to type your domain without www on the only text field there is, and click on “Add site”. Then you just need to select the “Free” plan, confirm if the DNS records are correct, and then change your domain’s nameservers to their ones via your domain registrar’s nameservers management panel. If you did it correctly, then after a while your website will be secured by Cloudflare. If you didn’t add a SSL certificate at that time on your hosting account, make sure to set the SSL option to “Flexible” on the “SSL/TLS” page of the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain.

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but if i make this, im going to lose my website from infinityfree lol, because i need to remove nameservers.

You’re not going to lose your website after changing the nameservers to Cloudflare ones, because InfinityFree’s system accepts also other nameservers after adding the domain on an account with our nameservers.

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