Help My Website is Offline, ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT

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Yesterday my website is worked, now i want to update some codes but the website is down, the cpanel is working but the site is down, can you please help me.
Thank You

You need to check with your domain registrar

That is not true. More likely some domain registration issue


hello thanks for your reply, im using cloud flare name server on domain, how to add 2 more name server from infinityfree to domain setting

Do not do that. Never mix nameservers!!!
Just add in A record will do.
Follow this guide

Make sure to resolve domain registration issue in the first place


i’m sorry but i already did that before
the website before is working,

Did you

You domain is likely onhold by your registrar pending verification

Make sure A record is pointing to


al ready pointed to, wait maybe i need re add record

is it working if i delete my domain on domain addson and re add it again?

Keep doing that. It’s never going to work.
Unless you

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i’m sorry i didn’t get it it the first place lol,

i already resend registar verification, and already verif it sir

do i need add record in domain registar sir? or is it enough in cloud flare?

What nameservers are you using now?

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its from cloud flare

Just wait for dns propagation


thankyou for your guidance sir, i dont know why this happen, the site is working before tho

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Looking good now



im so gratefull to you sir, im sorry if i made mistake hehe
thanks for the support and guidance, wish you happy life sir! :innocent:


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