How can I see if e-mail from Twitter is being blocked

I’m trying to setup a Twitter account and the verification codes Twitter should be sending to me are not showing up in the webmail interface.

Is there a spam folder or server side spam filters I can check?

I’ve set up my e-mail & MX records correctly and am receiving test e-mail’s sent from my personal e-mail account.

My website URL is:

Thanks in advance.

We don’t do any notable spam filtering or spam blocking on the free hosting mailservers. If you can receive email from other addresses, that means the email server itself is receiving email, and should be able to receive email from Twitter as well.

Could you please check if you entered the right email address with Twitter and try to have Twitter resend it if possible?

Thanks for responding.

I just re-checked the email address & had Twitter resend another confirmation code. My inbox is still empty.

Here’s the e-mail address Twitter are sending to, copied there & pasted here to eliminate the potential for typos.
“Check your email ( to confirm.”

Here’s the e-mail address shown when I login to Webmail then click on Settings, Identities, copied there & pasted here to eliminate the potential for typos.

Please elaborate on what you mean by “notable spam filtering or spam blocking”.

Thanks in advance.

You asked whether there were any spam folders or filters you could check for the message. The simple answer to that question is “no”.

That said, there were some blacklisting problems with our mail server recently. Judging by the fact that you can receive email you sent yourself, but can’t receive email from Twitter, that sounds a lot like it could be a blacklisting issue.

A fix has been deployed for that issue, which might help with this issue as well. Can you please try to resend the confirmation again now?

Thanks for your patience. I was away for a couple weeks.

I had them resend the confirmation tonight & I received it.

Thanks for explaining your blacklisting and deploying that fix.

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