How do I set up SMTP?


Hello there!! I’ve been using your hosting service for the past 4 months and I love it. But I am facing one issue that is how do I send automated emails form my website. I am trying to make a social media and in order to activate their accounts my users will receive an email. But I cannot do that. Can anyone help me?? I am using WordPress BTW.

Thanks in advance.

How to send email with Gmail SMTP

You are using free hosting services, which do not allow these things.


You could compare the plans and upgrade to premium Hosting to get SMTP IMAP4 etc access



Sending email from your website with PHP mail() is possible on InfinityFree, but it is restricted. Only a small set of templates have been whitelisted, and any email which doesn’t match those templates will be dropped.

To work around this, you could send email with a third party SMTP service, like Gmail, instead. Alternatively, you could upgrade your account.

For more information, as well as general tips (Gmail SMTP) on how to ensure email from your website is sent successfully, please see this article:

Wordpress - some users successfully use the WP SMTP plugin (of course if you have wordpress)


Hey there!!

Thanks for your response. I installed the WP SMTP plugin and I followed their article regarding the GMail SMTP. But it says “This app is not verified”.


Use Other SMTP Option rather than Gmail SMTP.
Then Proceed


ok than you need to find a plugin that google likes
I do not know if this is free


The best way is to use Other SMTP, and yes Authetication Yes.


Then you can use your gmail credentials to access SMTP.


Thanks for all your support the the GMail SMTP with the WP SMTP plugin. Thanks a lot.

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