I deleted the index file

epiz_27060260 skeleton.com.mx

Pretty self explanatory. How can I get it back?

Simply re upload it if you have a backup.

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yea um…

i dont

sorry for my incompetence quite literally just got introduced to this hours ago and well live and learn

so what can i do now?

I propose a solution, how bout just downloading the index file and sending it through here? Ill need you guy’s help though as I am in a distinct lack of index files atm

Dont bother responding, im switching to another hosting site.
I dont really expect you guys to respond so quickly as much as just waited for the offchance that you did, as this is very urgent and cant just sit here waiting.
Thank you for trying to help BayoDino, really appreciate it

nah no way im leaving this all the other SUCK

Looking at your website’s files, you have a newerleaf.html file. If you want that page to be your index/main page, simply rename it to index.html.
However, if the index page you want is different from the one I suggested and you do not have a backup of it, there is not much you can do besides recreating it.


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Actually!! what is your problem ?


Quick question: Why would me leaving internet for in real life work piss you off?
You simply have to wait, either I’ll come back or soneone else will help you. If you’re going to be like that in every community then you’ll leave them all.


Do you think we dedicated our lives to this forum or internet?
We are not robots helping people here 24/7
We too have irl(in real life) issues and work to do.
AND it is not necessary for anyone to be online just to help some unknown person on the internet.


Please keep it friendly and respectful, people. We’re all just here trying to do our best.


It… doesn’t?
As I said in the paragraph, the reason I almost left was because I was in a serious time crunch to get the host working, and I really couldnt wait around anymore. That isnt to say that you guys are slow at responding, as I said in the paragraph I dont really expect you guys to respond so quickly as much as just waited for the offchance that you did. And I was not pissed at all, or at least not at you guys not responding, If anything I was pissed at myself for deleting that file. As a matter of fact, at the end of the paragraph I thank you for trying! What about this made you think I was pissed off?

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I was not blaming you guys at all, as a matter of fact I made an effort to make it clear that I only waited on the offchance, because of course it is unreasonable to expect such a quick response

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