I.F Premium - .mp4 file

My website URL is: batatas.rf.gd

What I’m seeing is: upload mp4 file (free-hosting) more than 10MB its automaticly deleted on FileZilla

Additional information:

I would like to know if I get InfinityFree Premium my size file could be enough to upload .mp4 heavy (20mb - 50mb);

FYI: Infinityfree is a free web hosting only, The premium host is Ifastnet, which is powering up I.F.
Infinityfree is a site hosting, Same with premium hosting, Which means uploading media files to these isn’t allowed, You can upload media files elsewhere, Then put them in your website?


Can I upload my media files in OneDrive and then put them into my website?

iFastNet’s premium hosting doesn’t have the file size limits, so you can upload the videos there. However, please note that that doesn’t mean you can create a video hosting site there.

You could use external hosting solutions to host the videos instead. If you want to offer it to download, you could put it on a file sharing service and link it there. If you just want to show it on your website, you could upload it to YouTube and embed that in your site.


You can upload the file to OneDrive and get a Share Link to the file for the public to access/download and then you put the link on your website.

If you want to “view” the video on your website, you can upload the video to YouTube and then use the “Embed” into website code to then put that code in your website and then the video can be viewed on your website, all without having to upload the actual video file to your website itself.

There are different ways and coding options etc. to do all this… That’s all stuff you’ll have to research yourself depending on your needs if you want to take things even further. But, the above will get you going if you need simple.


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