I just upgrade my account but still suspended

Help me! I already upgrade my account but still suspended. Is this scam? What the hell! You guys easily suspend free accounts to force us to upgrade but after that you will simply tell us to contact where we upgrade our account? Why did you recommended that if you will not help your customers. By the way, I still need to fcking wait even if I upgrade my account before I can transfer my files. I’m completely dissapointed. I wasted my money

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Still no reply. What a slow service. I thought that when I upgrade my account, it will automatically upgraded and the suspension of my account will be remove. So much dissapointment for this.

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You can ask them to migrate your website to them. They can do it even if the account is suspended!
However, I find iFastNet/Byet Internet services good, even on free hosting.

Please note that we don’t help our customers because we don’t sell anything ourselves.

The premium hosting is provided by iFastNet, not us. They can import your website for you, even if the account is suspended. Simply send them a ticket through their support system and they will promptly migrate your site. They can also answer any other questions you have about the premium service.

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