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I had no intention to break terms and conditions of infinityfree and I was just trying to create a website like that. I created it in may 2021 and it got suspended. Now I just want to retrieve my wp plugin because I purchased it and I only want to reactivate my website only for 48 hours so that I can retrieve my data.
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I checked your account and I see it was suspended in May and automatically deleted in June.

Normally, you can almost always get your data by submitting a support ticket. If you do, your account will either be reactivated or backups will be made available to you. Only with very bad sites do we choose to not give you the contents.

But you can’t if you wait for many months after it was suspended. At some point, the suspended accounts are deleted to make room for active websites. When that happens, the contents are completely and irrecoverably gone.

Can’t you just download it again from the seller? Any time I purchased a plugin, theme or script, the seller gave me an account on their portal where I could download the software at any time.

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I can download it again from reseller but the settings I adjusted in this site is most important for me. Few hours before making request I saw my site in working condition and I also submitted a support ticket but nothing happened. I just wanted my site back for 48 hours so that I can get those settings. Please this is most important for me. Please do something.

If the account was suspended in May and deleted on June, all your files have been permanently removed. In the future, please remember the importance of a backup.

But it was online today? So there must be my data available. It was working today until I successfully logged in wp-admin and after that it shows suspended again.

It was? You must have super long cache than because everything is gone. For some reason your computer must have pulled the files from it’s memory instead of the web server.

It was recent . Actually I was trying to create movie review site using wp automatic plugin but accidentally it became movie download website. The website I was using to copy content my website posted

This when I checked. So somehow my website or its settings are working till now it just need to reactivate my domain so I can access it. I think that admin of infinityfree can do that from http://suspended-website.com.

You must only see that due to cache. Your website is suspended for me. If your account was suspended for violating the TOS in May, your files are long gone.

But how it is possible how I can see latest post? I think only admin can do that. Are you admin?

Not quite sure what you mean. What post?

No, I’m not an Admin, just a user like you who has been here a while helping others (hence the “Regular” status). There is only one Admin here.

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One thing I forgot to mention that I have 3 phones in my family and I opened my website successfully in all of my phones and it is a wordpress website. May be it is working till now but we don’t have permission to see the website as it is under suspended. One domain can’t be register two times. May be admin can help me. I just hope so just need 48 hours and one more thing if you’re seeing this admin tomorrow is my birthday and this could be my birthday gift. Please admin

Perhaps it’s an ISP cache thing than.

Happy birthday! :tada:

I don’t know when the Admin will check in, but I’m sure he will tell you the same thing he did previously.

I just hope admin see this as soon as possible and help me. I have a suggestion of admin can remove my site from suspended may be I will be able to get my data using wp-admin page.

I looked up the domain and it’s currently on a hosting account on another profile. Is that other profile yours too by any chance? If so, please login to the client area of that profile and click on the account for more information. Without providing more information about the account, I can tell you you can easily get your data back.

I don’t have another account and in my client area there is not movieverse.epizy.com. if you can provide me email of that person or may be it is my id I just forgot it I will remember it if I get the email. But it is may be [email protected] this is my email on which I created movieverse.epizy.com I have it’s suspended email till now. Kindly remove this site from suspended. I may be able to recover my data using wp-admin.

If it is not in your account, than you must have another. If you have multiple emails, enter each one into the “Password Reset” box until you find a match. The Admin cannot give out information on other accounts for privacy reasons.

Supposedly all you have to do is login to your account and get your files. My guess is that you “Deactivated” the account. Find the correct email and login.

This is my main email on which I created this website and on admin panel it is not showing me my website

I have suspended website email too
If admin remove my website for suspension I am sure I can recover it’s data.

One more thing is there any way to login in file manager or cpanel if I remember my username of that website after it got suspended.
I believe that only admin can help me . I didn’t deleted my website it got suspended and now in cpanel it is not showing me this means it is in working condition the only thing is it is redirecting everyone to suspended url website and if admin give me permission to do this

This might help me.

On your profile, I see that movieverse.epizy.com was created early May and deleted early June. When the account was deleted, the domain was made available for general use. Some time after that, another hosting account was created with that domain on another profile.

If you don’t control that other profile, it means someone else took the domain name. If so, they are now the rightful owner of that subdomain.

In the first screenshot, you can see that email was sent on the 15th of May. That account has been deleted since then.

In the second screenshot, you can see that there is no suspended account in the list. That means the account was deleted.

Yes, and because you didn’t respond to the suspension, we removed the account to make room for active sites.

You didn’t deleted the account. We did that.

If there is no account shown, that means there is no account. The fact that there is no suspended account shown does not mean the account is active. If it was, there would be an active account in the list.

Assuming the other profile isn’t yours, that means someone else owns that domain name now and because of what they did the domain is redirecting to suspended-domain.org now.

I can’t give you permission to do anything with that domain. It’s not your domain name anymore, and I will not let you take a domain from someone else.

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Can you tell me when this website got suspended again on another account so when it will become available I can get it . One last request can I know how you actually build that website. And how another user was able to use my data. And why we can’t use free domains like tk or ml

Accounts are deleted approximately 30 days after they are suspended. So if the domain is suspended now, it will likely be available again in 30 days.

How who built what website?

Nobody but you is able to use your data.

You created an account, uploaded data to it, then the account was suspended and deleted. Then this other user created a new account with this domain name.

Your website was gone before this other person could grab the domain. And they only got the domain, not your website data that was on it before.

.tk domains are blocked due to abuse. But many people here are using .ml domains without any problems.

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