I'm having an exception error when I try to set up my website

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
An exception error. Am getting a white page shiwing that there are some errors that I dont understand

I’m using this software:


Additional information:

Please change the PHP version to 5.6 from “Change PHP version” on the Control Panel if you’re experiencing problems with XenForo.

Hi, Thanks. Its now okay.
But there’s still an issue. Please check my website link and check it out.
Or check screenshot attached

You can continue with the installation ignoring those warnings, because php.ini can’t be edited on free hosting.

Okay. Thanks
But is will there be any need to upgrade to a paid hosting service in the future due to that issue?

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You won’t need to upgrade to Premium Hosting in most cases the ZenForo is not working. Just ask any problem you have on this forum if you will have any and we will try to solve it!

Okay cool

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