I'm still wondering how do I register in freenom?

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Every. Single. Time. :anger:
First, is Freenom doesn’t accepting new domains?
Second, from what I think Government in my country blocks freenom completely?

Share your thoughts below. And don’t worry, I’m fine with my subdomain :slight_smile:


Have you tried reading that article from their KnowledgeBase?


Actually most of the times that’s because they probably blocked your IP, you probably triggered their security system that you were abusing or registering too much free domains. Or it could be your whole subnet is blocked due to abuse of their services by many people on the same subnet.

Simple workaround is to use a VPN that has a European server location like from Netherlands or Switzerland.

Disclaimer: I do not encourage nor do I endorse you to bypass their IP ban


The freenom is super mega ultra glitched. So bugs other than that are normal.


I used VPN for that, and then KABOOM! it works

that’s why you have .ml domain

I can create an account, but I can’t create the domain :confused:

Make sure that you use a gmail account not a disposable email so that you can create or register a domain.


I use gmail account. Even when I use disposable email, I can’t get the verification email to create an account, right?


Its a huge pain in the ass to actually get a account so you can register domains, i uses the .ga website and was able to sign up!

More precisely, they block your country (detected from your IP and your profile detail).
Freenom blocks some countries from register the domain because of domain abuse by many users from those countries.

The simple tips for this:

  • Use proxy/VPN from other country, then
  • change your country in your Freenom profile to other country

After you register your domain successfully, you can turn off the proxy/VPN & change your country back.